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Red brick garden wall by the side of building

Brick Repointing Specialists In Harwich And Beyond

J Bullard Builders offer professional pointing and repointing services to fix and maintain the mortar joints in brick or stone walls. Over time, the mortar between bricks or stones can deteriorate due to weathering, age, or other factors. Our services restore and strengthen these joints. Contact us now.

Quality Workmanship

Reliable Service

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Repointing Construction Services

We ensure walls remain strong, stable, and weatherproof. Our builders have the right skills, knowledge, and tools to repair and strengthen mortar joints. We offer high-quality pointing and repointing services that meet your needs and specifications.
We assess the condition of the walls to determine whether pointing or repointing is needed.

Pointing involves repairing minor damage to mortar joints, such as filling in small cracks or holes. Repointing, on the other hand, involves removing and replacing damaged mortar joints entirely.
Get in touch with us if you need to match the colour of the existing mortar as closely as possible.

Pale brickwork on the steps to a building

Achieving A Neat And Uniform Finish

Our repointing services involve attention to detail and careful work. We achieve a neat and uniform finish by:

  • Preparing the area

  • Mixing mortar with the right consistency

  • Carefully applying the mortar

  • Shaping the mortar to match existing joints

  • Compressing and removing excess mortar

  • Brush the walls to remove debris

  • Allowing the mortar to cure

With our repointing services you can choose from a variety of brick colours, sizes, and patterns to create a look that complements your home and garden.

Garden wall with two coloured bricks by commercial building
Brickwork decoration on an interior wall

Repointing House Walls, Garden Walls & Chimneys

Over time, the mortar between the bricks on a wall or chimney can deteriorate due to weathering and exposure to the elements. Repointing involves removing the old, damaged mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar to strengthen the wall or chimney.
Our builders look for signs of damage such as cracks, crumbling mortar, or gaps between the bricks. We carefully remove old mortar using specialised tools, avoiding damaging the bricks or causing further deterioration. We apply fresh mortar to fill the joints evenly and ensure a strong bond.
Get in touch with us to help you maintain your building’s structural integrity.

Contact J Bullard Builders for repointing services in Harwich and surrounding areas. Our skilled builders provide inspection, preparation and repointing services for walls, chimneys, and other building structures.

Close-Up Of Brick Chimney On House Roof With metal flashing
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